Indian Trail Garbage Disposal Replacement

Instead of trying to fix or replace your own garbage disposal, leave the work up to trained professionals by working with Winn’s Plumbing and our Indian Trail garbage disposal replacement and repair service.

A garbage disposal is a very important component to your overall plumbing system. By breaking down food matter before it enters your plumbing system, you are able to avoid slow drains and blockages. With Winn’s Plumbing and our garbage disposal repair in Indian Trail NC, you can make sure that your garbage disposal is performing optimally.

Keep your disposal running effectively with these tips from our Indian Trail garbage disposal repair technicians

Since garbage disposals are constantly subjected to a barrage of old food and other matter, it’s only natural that it will breakdown every now and then. Whether the motor burned out, or you have something stuck in the blades, we have garbage disposal repair in Indian Trail NC that will get to the bottom of the problem and provide quick fixes.

To avoid these disrepairs, or the need for a full Indian Trail garbage disposal replacement, take some of the following precautions.

  • Always run cold water when grinding up food
  • Never reach your hand down into the disposal, even while it’s off
  • Don’t try to grind up hard objects, like metal, bones and more
  • Avoid overloading your disposal with too much food at once

These steps are all effective in extending the life of your garbage disposal.

Need a new unit? We provide garbage disposal replacement in Indian Trail NC

Winn’s Plumbing offers three different garbage disposals to choose from for our garbage disposal installation in Indian Trail NC — we’ll help you select one that fits your needs.

After that, the Indian Trail garbage disposal replacement staff from Winn’s Plumbing will go to work installing your new disposal and make sure that it runs optimally. We’re ready to provide you with quality work at affordable prices. Get started now by scheduling an appointment.