Drink Fresh, Clean Water Year-Round

Drink Fresh, Clean Water Year-Round

Our plumbers install water filtration systems in Monroe and Indian Trail, NC

If you’re getting your water from the city of Monroe or Indian Trail, North Carolina, rather than a well, your water is treated with chemicals before it comes out of your faucets. While these chemicals help protect you from bacteria, they can also pose some health risks. Contact Winn’s Plumbing, LLC as soon as possible to have a plumbing contractor examine your pipes and install a filtration system in your home.

3 common problems with municipal water

How high is the quality of your water? If you don’t have a home filtration system, you’re probably ingesting several chemicals. Read about some of the common issues with municipal-treated water in Monroe, NC:

  1. It has too many chemicals. Municipal water treatment facilities introduce chlorine into the water to treat it, and sometimes that chlorine can oxidize the copper piping.
  2. Impurities can cause faucet deterioration. Certain sediments and chemicals in your treated water can cause your faucet to rust or leak.
  3. It smells or tastes bad. Too many chemicals in your water can cause it to taste or smell like metal, sulfur or chlorine.

Protect yourself and your family today by trusting a professional plumber to install a water filtration system in your home. Call 704-779-7619 today to learn more.